UX/UI design

To make a smooth user experience, put the user in focus by Design Thinking to meet, ask and test.
Workshops, prototypes, wireframes and UI made by hand & pen, Figma, XD or Sketch.
Motion graphics made in AfterEffects.

Concept to the art app ArtCap

ROLE: AD, Visual- och UX/UI designer (own project), research with a UX colleague.

Click ArtCap to see our Design thinking process from first idea, concept innovation, to wireframes and presentation. Link to wireframs flow in XD at the bottom of the side.

Concept to an app for a Startup in “it gig match”

ROLE: AD, Visual- och UX/UI designer. A team with 4 UX designers.

Click Chatbot to see me and my colleagues designprocess from start to goal, in the presentation we showed the client.

New job opportunities, an app for fast gig in aid time

BRIEF: Many employees have been laid off due to the Corona crisis. At the same time there is a huge demand for workforce in healthcare and other support functions in the context of Corona. Design a service that connects these unemployed people with available health care related jobs.
ROLE: AD and UX/UI designer (own project).

Click Jobb+Hjälp! to see my process and same wireframes in Figma (at the bottom of the side).

Hur anpassa skolplattform?

BRIEF: Hur skulle du vilja justera en befintlig skol-/elevplattform? För vem, varför och hur? Med vad skulle du börja?
ROLE: AD, Visual- och UX/UI designer (eget projekt).

Klicka på Skolplattform för att se min presentation inför ett ev uppstartsmöte.